Sabine Fuss With the Vicepresident of the USA

Viajes Tauro at the USA

Viajes Tauro has expanded its Borders and for this purpose during an Official visit at the Washington Capitol, in the United States of Amercia, there was time to have an exchange of Impressions with the Vice President Mr. Mike Pence. This talk without protocol was carried out by Sabine Fuss from Viajes Tauro. Of course,…


Calella Moments de Flors ’19

This weekend, Calella hosted the 6th. Moments de Flors edition, a floral exhibition for public and private gardens that have a special value and, over the years, have been part of the heritage and history of our city. Calella is a Floral City. Colored balconies paint the facades with flowers and a Mediterranean pine and…


Girona, « Temps de Flors » ’19

The history of Girona, Temps de Flors is also a story of young entrepreneurs who, 61 years ago, decided to organize a first edition of what they called « Concurso de Exhibición Provincial de Flores » at the « Teatro Municipal de la Sala de Descanso ». The good response and the interest of the people who visited that space…