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Since 1971
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Dream destinations await you, join our proposals and build unforgettable memories.

We want all your traveling dreams to be fulfilled, we are at your side organizing and managing the trip from the beginning to the end, personalizing each step so that you enjoy unique experiences.

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Optimized times

In today’s life we can say that the most precious thing we have is time, the time to enjoy ours and ourselves. We know that Time equals Money and that is why our speed and efficiency in the management of your Travel are our strengths.

Unique Experiences

The experience begins at the moment you contact us, here you can already notice and see what it feels like to be a Client and Friend. The wonderful experience of an organized trip with Viajes Tauro is for you Unforgettable and for us a satisfaction in giving you this experience.


Each person has their own trip, their own Idea, their own film of how they would like to travel and they live it their own way, and Viajes Tauro, both individually and collectively, we tailor it to each client.


Organizing trips and seeing the world is our life, combining our experience as much as the heart and especially the head. Passion is assured and is part of our tourism management.


The word flexible says it all, but in Viajes Tauro we apply it. We listen carefully to every request and wish of our clients, however curious this may be. This is the way to enforce all the expectations of our customers.

Brilliant Routes

We not only look for valid alternatives to the most common routes, but we offer different points of view to our clients, in everything that goes out of the ordinary to get to this point that we call Bright Routes.